Friday, February 25, 2011

Summary Post CK 1,2, & 3


Is in Ms. Lugrin's 6th grade class.  She posted about going on a class field trip to Asessippi for a skiing trip.  This was her fourth time to go snowboarding.  I told Nicole that I haven't been as may times as she had, but after reading her exciting story I can't wait to go back.


She is currently in Ms. St Pierre's 5th grade class at Terryville Elementary School in New York.  Sidney updated her blog while she was on her way to Florida for the second time.  She looked forward to laying out and drinking smoothies, while she dealt with being surrounded by loud babies on the plane.  I told her that she should visit Alabama one day.  I also told her that she may have a future in writing because I never had the ability to write a story that exciting when I was in fifth grade.  I was thoroughly impressed with her writing skills and encouraged her to keep blogging in order to improve her talents.


He attends Pt England School and is currently in Ms. Helen Squires Grade 5 class.  He posted about what he did over the holiday. He went swimming at YMCA, spent time with his mom and brother, and watched television.  I told him I had never been to the YMCA but I hope that I have as much fun as he did if I ever get the chance to go.

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