Sunday, February 6, 2011

C4T 1

Jen Deyenberg, a primary teacher, is a Canadian that currently resides in Scotland. Her two previous posts included many interesting links. One of her post included links to websites with information about:
_Anglo Saxons – a great resource written in student friendly language with photos, facts, and even a section on what life was like for children. It also includes an Interactive Dig it Up game where you act as an archaeologist to dig up artefacts from the time period.
_Children of Victorian Britain – facts, images, and a timeline, through the eyes of children. The sections about children working in factories and mines are especially interesting.
_Children of WW2 – Be sure to check out the time capsules activity – a great way to see what life was really like.
_Scotland’s History – a Learning and Teaching Scotland website with links to:
_Scots and Canada – Immigration and influence of Scots in Canada
_Scots and Australia – Immigration and famous Scots in Australia
_Scotland and the Abolition of the Slave Trade – a resource recognizing Scotland’s role in the slave trade and in its abolition
_Scotland’s History Timeline – a timeline of Scottish history – the idea and images are excellent – but the display is a bit hard to navigate
_UK War Cabinet – A real time twitter simulation – “Watch WWII unfold 70 years to the day through original Cabinet Papers from 1941 held at The National Archives.”
_Battlefield Academy – a battlefield simulation, fighting as British soliders in one of four battles (Roman, Medieval, Napoleonic, and WWII).
Built by the BBC in consultation with the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst
_British History Timeline – an interactive timeline of British History. You can sort by England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, or see all British events. The time spans from Neolithic to present times.
_Scotland’s Stories – a collection of myths and legends from Scotland. How many legends are based in history. Combine storytelling and history with this resource.
_Horrible Histories – Terrible Tutors & Measly Middle Ages Games
Explore, talk to characters from the time periods and solve the puzzle – fabulous immersive historical learning environment.

I especially appreciated the Children of Victorian Britain and the Children of WW2. I just know that information like the ones in these links are what got me interested in history in the first place. I hope that by showing my students information about how their ancestors lived that they too will learn to love history.

Her secong post included links to informational sites about The Romans, Pompeii and Herculaneum, The Egyptians, The Greeks, China, Scotland and the UK, Canada, First Nations People of North America.

Once again links like "First People of North America" would have the ability to get students interested about their ancestors. Links like Pompeii will get students interested in how amazing history is. I hope once I start teaching that I can use links like these to excite my students and bring history to life for them, just as it is for me.

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  1. Thanks for the great write up Paige, best of luck with your education and eventual teaching career. Thanks for reading!

    Jen Deyenberg