Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Post 3

1. A Vision of Students Today

I don't know any of my friends that don't have a laptop, facebook, twitter, etc. So wouldn't it make sense to reach our students through these same portals. Once we introduce them to new tools to learn, not only will their attention span improve, but the amount of knowledge they will retain will improve.

2. It's not about the Technology

I completely agree with Ms. Hines on the fact that all teachers must be willing to be life-long learners. I also agree with the fact that its great to have all of these high tech machines inside the classroom, but what is the point of even having them if teachers use something such as a smartboard in the exact same way they use white or blackboards. We cant use technology as a crutch. We must know how to function with out technology, we must know how to teach without technology.

3. Is It Okay To Be A Technology Illiterate Teacher?

What exactly does it mean to be technologically illiterate? Do you know? Because I don't. I don't think someone learns how to master a certain number of technological skills and is then considered to be technologically literate. But we can always strive to be as technologically literate as possible. If not that, we can strive to not be considered illiterate. Our society is quickly becoming more and more dependant upon technology, and if we don't learn what we can while we can, our students will be the ones "schooling" us.


  1. You need a picture, and you need to expand your thoughts on the videos more. You have already taken this course once I see. Let that be your advantage-- spend your time thinking of creative ways to add to your learning experience in EDM. You seem to have a lot to contribute, but we are still waiting to see you reach your potential.

  2. I'm going with what Anthony said, expand and let us see what you want to bring to the classroom. Remember to do all assignments for the blog posts and expand on them and really soak them in.