Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary Post C4K November and 12/5

Brennan, from Ms. Cassidy's 1st grade Class, said that he and his dog played together. I told him I love dogs, and asked him what was his dog's name? Mine are named Brinkley and BB. He is doing very well, with his blogging. I may have to concentrate on his words a little and read them over again but, I can definitely tell his writing is improving!

Raegan from Miss Byrne's class received a visit from Rachel Joy Scott who was an 11th grade student at the Columbine high school during the shooting. Rachel's Challenge was held at Wolsely high school on Wednesday December 1st. She challenged them to befriend new kids, kids with disabilities, kids who are put down and eliminate prejudice- give people at least 3 chances before judging. She challenged them to start their own Chain Reaction. I could take these challenges by being kind and taking them and doing them to become a better person. I told her that This is a very important lesson to learn, and I’m glad that she has already taken steps toward Rachel’s Challenge. Rachel made a difference in her life, so now she can do the same. My friend from school just had a “Bully Free” week. Everyone really enjoyed it and started to think about their actions before they bullied anyone. I liked her post, and encouraged her to keep blogging! She even thanked me for commenting on her blog.

Benjamin from Ms. Millars class made a Kerpoof about the planets. He also created mnuemonic device in order to remember the order of the planets. His class had just studied nmuemonic device and he decided he would put it to good use. I told him that I still use them in order to study for some tests in college, such as the ones where I am required to memorize long lists of countries or chemicals. I was very impressed by his Kerpoof! He used this program and made a somewhat of a comic strip.

Logan from Ms. Huebner's class made a blog post about his researcf for his skype interview on Christopher Columbus. He informed his readers that Columbus discovered and evaded America four times. His arrival also introduced diseases that the Indians were not immune to. He even told me something I didn't know, People disagreed on where he was buried. I asked him if he loved learning new facts, and told him that just because the history books say things, doesn’t mean they are true, you should always research yourself, and it looks like you are pretty good at it! I did not know that people disagreed on where he was buried, but thanked him for the information.

Yasmine posted about a trip with her family in Tunisia. She went parasailing, and rode horses, jet skis, and banana boats. Her picture was not on her blog for us to see so I googled Tunisia, and I have to say it is breathtaking. I told her with all of the pictures that she took and all the memories that she made with her family that she will always have that special time with her family in such a beautiful place.

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