Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Summary Post C4K #3-7

Maurice from Pt England School wrote about his having to miss out on cross country due to the fact that it was raining.  I told him that i, too, was very involved in my cross country program when i was in high school.  His writing has really improved and this just goes to show me how beneficial writing on blogs is to elementary students.
Kate from Ms. Millers class blogged about the gold game.  She and her classmates were to imagine that gold was first found in their hometown and they had to buy wheelbarrows, shovels, and other gold mining tools for their hunt on the playground.  I told her that I wish that my teacher had used a cool game like this with us.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  I also asked her if they had to sift through the sand, and that I looked forward to hearing more about her game.
Brendan posted about a problem he was having with his best friend telling all of his secrets.  I told him that some people don't tell secrets in order to hurt others, it's just their personality.  I advised him to talk to his friend and tell him that it bothered him, and if he continued to tell then he wasn't his friend.  This post made me realize that I will sometimes be a situation where what i will say will matter in someone else's life, i just hope that i have the wisdom to say the right thing.
Ethan blogged about his grandmother who lived in omaha, nebraska.  He said that she lives near his aunt and uncle and that she is really nice.  He also said that she works at a museum.  I told him that i used to want to work in a museum, and suggested that he watch the movie "night at the museum" if he has not already done so.   
vents inside USS Alabama
This student took a photograph of a vent inside of the USS Alabama, but she was having a hard time naming it.   I took an interest in this reader because I had the same photography teacher, actually I was in her teacher's first batch of students. Many people had suggestions, but I told her that flow or wave would be best because of it being on the water.   

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