Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final PLN

I am currently using Symbaloo to keep up with my PLN.  I also like Evernote, which I plan on using in the future.  As far as History goes, I follow HowStupidBlog, Blog4History, and USHistoryBlog.  I plan to search out for blogs specifically focused on the points in history that I am most interested in, such as colonial,But at this point in time, I want to stay focused on a variety of blogs.  I also use my mentor, William Donald as a key element in my PLN, he has helped shaped who I am today and is one of the major reasons I have decided to teach history.  My grandmother Virginia Bryant, a retired history teacher of 35 years, is also a part of my PLN, she not only helps shape my thoughts about the classroom, she insights a hint of inspiration about history each and every day-something I too, hope to be capable of with my students.

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