Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Post 4

1. Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?

Dr. Mcleod's satirical outlook wasn't very far from the truth.  His attempt to over exaggerate the views of anti-technology educators, in my opinion, failed.  As crazy as it sounds, teachers do still view basic uses of technology (such as cell phones) as useless, or even in some cases "evil".  Technology is not there to corrupt the minds of our students but to expose them to educational possibilities otherwise unattainable.  Keeping our children away from technology won't keep them "safe", unless your idea of safe, is ensuring the fact that they will be educationally crippled forever- not only in their careers, but also in their day to day lives.  The use of blogs and communicating with students outside of their classroom allows them to hear opinions of students from all over the world.  Students will have the opportunity to see points of view that might not have been discussed inside the classroom, and bring them back to the classroom for the rest of the students to learn from.   

Mr. Mcleod is the director of  CASTLE which is a group that focuses on the technological needs of educators.  He has won many awards for his efforts to use technology in the learning atmosphere.  Hopefully more institutions will begin putting an emphasis on the use of technology in (and out) the classroom.

The video made by the Georgia high schooler was promising.  He  showed how the iTouch could be used in replacement of paper, pencils, and books.  Maps, charts, etc. will all be on the iTouch which will lower the costs schools will need to spend in the classroom.  The application I found that I would benefit from the most was the Homework App.  EDM 310 is the first class in which I have had the opportunity to keep track of my homework and deadlines online.  This video reminded me of the first blogger teacher I was assigned to, The Thinking Chick.  Dr Galloway recently read an article that discussed what education will be like in 10 years.  The article predicted that paper, pens, and books will be nonexistent, and that learning will begin to take place outside of the classroom.  The iSchool is just proof that we are already able make this happen.

Such a simple message. Such a big impact.  With technology we can make a difference, and we will. Technology will not be the corruption of mankind.  It will not ruin our lives, or make us believe that technology, money and work are more important than family.  What technology will do, is help us change the future. With technology we will be able to make an impact, just like it was used to do so in this video.

If throughout my blog, I have not gotten point (with technology anything is possible) across, then watch this video.  I am not a musically inclined person, so singing along with someone would be difficult.  I'm sure getting  multiple people to sing together is difficult.  Directing an entire choir, while in different parts of the world, to sing together is impossible! Or so you would think.  It is possible to manage an entire choir with out even being face-to-face with them.  Through technology something as difficult as directing a choir has been made possible.  I am looking forward to seeing how else we will use the internet to our advantage in the future.


  1. Hi Paige! In Mr. McLeod's post that we read, I found it interesting but I do believe our kids need direction with technology. Technology in the wrong hands or young hands can be dangerous. With someone observing and helping children I think it is wonderful. I know if I were a parent I would make sure I knew exactly what my child was doing, especially on a computer. But I like what he was saying. The Ischool, oh wow, that is a bit scary to me!!! It is wonderful advancement but the rate at which we are going is somewhat overwhelming to me. The lost generation was on target with some of the statements made, at least in my educational experience. Perhaps the Ischool coinciding with college would help with some of the issues. I absolutely loved the Virtual Choir! It was beautiful while showing technology being thrown in. I would have a hard enough time singing by myself.
    Jennifer Inscore

  2. Thoughtful. Well written. I like the way you are connecting your assignments. Keep up the good work.