Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scott Elias is a principal who has a blog called Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?.  His recent posts touched on the subject of meeting just to meet.  He said there is no reason to meet every week just to meet.  If there is no change then why sit in a room just to say you did. With just a few of these tips you can achieve the successful meeting.
  1. Schedule a 22 minute meeting
  2. Have a goal based agenda
  3. Send required readings 3 days beforehand 
  4. Start on time 
  5. Stand up 
  6. No laptops, but presenters and note takes
  7. No phones, no exceptions
  8. Focus! Note off topic comments
  9. Send notes ASAPHis other post commented on how you shouldn't try to be perfect all the time when you are speaking to a crowd.  The best speeches come from those who are not afraid to be themselves.  I love the two subjects he chose to concentrate on for the beginning of the school year.  I have never been in a meeting at school, but I have heard many teachers complain about them.  If they were shorter and only scheduled when needed, I'm sure teachers wouldn't look at them in such a negative light.  While I may have never had the chance to be in a meeting, I have had to make a public speech.  Boy, was I nervous! I guess I'm going to have to think about this when I am standing in front of my students.  Actually when I think about it I relate more to the teachers  who have been themselves instead of stuffy perfect robots.  I'm glad I was assigned to Mr. Elias. Very worthwhile readings.

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