Sunday, October 31, 2010

Additional Assignment 3

Sir Ken Robinson

Let me just start out by saying that I very much enjoy reading about creative thinkers like Sir Ken Robinson.  Well I don't have much experience with the College of Education besides EDM 310.  I do believe that creativity is hindered in schools, but I feel that I have had somewhat of a chance to use it in EDM310.  Because of standardized testing, I don't think that there is much that I can do to change anything.  There just isn't any educational freedom in k-12 classrooms.  The teachers are forced to teach so much in order for the students to pass the standardized tests.  The U.S. needs to do away with standardized testing and find a better way to "test" their students and teachers alike.  I feel like I need to wake up to the material set before
me.  Correction, I feel like I need to be awakened by the interactions I have in my classroom.  So as teachers, we need to make education more exciting than iPhones, Wiis, etc. If we need to bring technology in the classroom to do so then be it.  One of my favorite things that he pointed out was the fact that students are taught in "batches" formed by grouping together children based on their date of manufacturing.  If a student excels above the rest of his or her classmates, then there should be no reason that the school system keep that student going on a much slower pace of learning than their mind can handle...we need to find a way to make sure children are performing at THEIR full potential (and not the full potential we have envisioned for them) by challenging them individually, if we must.  Creativity is for the most part hindered in school.  These whole "the answers are in black and white" and "theres only one possible answer" things are just ridiculous.  Life is never in black and white, and there are always multiple solutions, but in life you must have the skills to find the best possible solution.  Once we change our educational paradigm we will be able to prepare our students for the future.  As far as the slide show goes, I love the presentation.  I would enjoy being the artist on a project like this.

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