Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Post 1

I was born and have lived in Mobile Alabama for all of my life.  Although I have changed my major many times before, I currently plan on majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in Science and a minor in Social Science.  My parents have lived in Alabama for all of their lives, and they don't plan on leaving anytime soon.  One of the main reasons I want to enter the field of education is because of my grandmother.  She taught bright and gifted students for 35 years and loved.  I always looked forward to hearing stories about projects she did in class.  I might have questioned my career path, but once I heard about a student contacting my grandmother after 25 years because my grandma made such an impact on her life, just let me know this is the right path for me.  I want to make a difference. I love doing anything creative- whether it's online with glogster, wordle or piknik, or whether it's through concrete mediums such as acrylics, scrapbooking, etc.  I look forward to making a difference in the lives of the children I teach.  I want to challenge them to question everything and instill a sense of curiosity in them that I hope will stay with them forever.


  1. Hey Paige,

    I'm glad that you have a creative mind because that's what we want from you! I see that your grandmother was a big influence on you. Hopefully when you look back, you will see how her influence guided you to become a great teacher.

    Stephen Akins

  2. Hey Paige,
    I am also majoring in Secondary Education but in math. I believe that creativity and passion are two elements that any aspiring teacher should possess and it sounds like you have both of those qualities. Your grandmother just reaffirmed your passion. It's really a liberating feeling to know what you are meant to do with your life and how to serve the world.